Packing Tips and Best Practices

Packing is the most tedious part of traveling but overpacking or packing wrong can lead to some heavy costs to your pockets. Check out some of our best practices for traveling this holiday season:

1)Know the forecast for your destination! If you’re heading from snow capped mountains to a tropical climate, you can do with board shorts and bikinis but if they are in the middle of winter or rainy season it’s important to adjust your style and needs to the climate you’ll be traveling to.

2) Make a packing list and stick to it! Yes I know we all think we might need three pairs of shoes and six ball gowns just in case but really having a list helps keeps your packing focused and takes the stress out of having to plan outfits on the go. Check your itinerary and plan outfits accordingly, be realistic about your space and pack outfits that can convert easily from day excursions to nighttime outings.

3)Is it better to roll or fold? This one can be a personal choice. Personally we prefer combining rolling our clothes and using packing organizers! We are carry on only travelers so keeping our clothes as tight and organized as possible is key for us!

4)Keep your toiletries secure and in a waterproof bag! Nothing more frustrating that you arrive and have body wash and conditioner all over your clothes! Invest in portable travel bottles and cosmetic bags to prevent any leakage disasters!

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